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A Touch of Irish – Celtic Wedding Supplies with Trinity Love Knot Design

Both cake toppers are made of Glazed Porcelain and has a Traditional Irish Wedding Blessing printed on the bottom surface of the base:

“May your hands be forever blessed in friendship and your hearts joined forever in Love.”

Heart Framed Trinity Knot Irish/Celtic Cake Topper – CLICK HERE for more information.

Traditional Celtic Claddaugh Cake Top – CLICK HERE for more information.

Complete the Irish/Celtic theme with these coordinating wedding supplies:

CLICK HERE for more information on this Celtic Charm collection.

Fun Recipes for Jelly Belly – Customize The Flavor Of Your Favor

I recently had some banana split flavored mini melt ice-cream where they basically mix and match a number of flavors to simulate the taste of a banana split. A similar thing can be done with Jelly Belly, an idea for another fun and edible wedding favor. Jelly Bellies are one of my favorite candies for wedding favors. They come in different flavors and colors it’s so versatile. So why not take things one stamp further, and mix up the flavors for a yummy treat for your guests?

Here are some ideas:

Mud Pie

+ +
(2) Chocolate Pudding (1) Cappuccino (1) Peanut Butter

Berry Smoothie

+ +
(1) Strawberry Daiquiri (1) Raspberry (1) Blueberry

Fruit Salad

+ + +
(1) Tangerine (1) Juicy Pear (1) Raspberry (1) Peach


+ +
(2) Cappuccino (1) A&W® Cream Soda (1) Chocolate Pudding

Banana Split

+ +
(1) Top Banana (1) Chocolate Pudding (1) Crushed Pineapple
+ +
(1) Strawberry Jam (1) Very Cherry (1) French Vanilla

Recipes provided by the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Click Here to see more flavors.

Unity Sand Ceremony & The Family Sand Ceremony – A Step by Step Guide

The Unity Sand Ceremony is a novel alternative for the popular “unity candle ceremony” incorporated into many of today’s weddings. The essence is to symbolize the union of “two into one”. This sand version is not only beautiful and interesting but also more appropriate for an outdoor setting. With the addition of fresh flowers, these distinctive vases will make an intriguing addition to a home’s decor.

1. The Groom will commence by pouring a portion of the black sand into the central glass vase.

2. The Bride will follow by pouring a portion of the white sand also into the central vase creating a layered effect.

3. To complete the ceremony, the Groom and Bride simultaneously pour the balance of their sand into the central container. To make this process a little easier, create a funnel using decorative paper. Personalize the funnel by including names, date or even poetry that holds a special meaning for the Bride and Groom. (The central vase can be engraved with the Bride and Groom’s monogram). The co-mingling of the colored sand represent the joining of the Bride and Groom.

Consult with your wedding officiate in order to customize the readings and sentiments that will accompany this ceremony.

4. Following the wedding, the two outside vases can be used to display fresh flowers while the central vase will remain a cherished keepsake of your wedding day.

The Sand Unity Ceremony has become a very popular option. With the addition of coordinating Miniature Nesting Vases and contrasting colors of sand, now children can be invited to take part. The mixing of the various sand colors is a fitting way to symbolize the new Blended Family that will result from this union. Although there are no set guidelines for this ceremony, generally the sand is poured into the central vase in the following order:
1. Father
2. Mother
3. Children
4. Father & Mother together.
Readings and sentiments can be customized as desired.

Sands available in many colors:

Use extra fine decorative sand with our Unity Sand Ceremony or Family Sand Ceremony vases. This sand is also suitable for use in table centers, unique favor concepts such as “message in a bottle” or anything else that needs a little “flourish of sand”.

Unity Sand Ceremony set available in another style:

Click Here for more information regarding these Unity Sand Ceremony Sets.

Your Wedding, Your Style – Mix and Match Cake Toppers

Gone are the days where cake toppers are porcelain figures wearing a gown and a tux. In this wedding cake topper series you will see the more modern, lively and chic wedding cake toppers that may better fit your style and personality. Most of the cake toppers shown can be mixed and match.

Click Here for more information on these cake toppers.

Also check out the newest cake toppers for 2009:

Cake Toppers with Personality – New for 2009

Monogram Cosmetic Bags For Every Style and Budget – Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

Every girl could use a cosmetic bag, which is probably why monogram cosmetic bags make popular and practical bridesmaid gifts. Following are the top 5 on my list. All are under $20.

#1 hands down – Lustrous, Monogram Dupioni Silk Cosmetic Bag (available in two sizes)

These darling and durable bags are hand made in the USA from sumptuous silk and offered in a vast selection of vibrant and up-to-date colors. The Best Part? The small ones are less than $20 each, which fits most bride’s budgets for a bridesmaid gift!

Large selection of unique and trendy fonts along with a vast array of thread colors allow for the perfect embroidery to create a stylish and functional gift to match the personality of all your friends and family. Couple with the fashionable zipper pull, these bags are truly an amazing gift for any occasion. Click here for more information.

*Confession* I own several of this cosmetic bag in different colors, zipper pull styles, and monogram (some with my name, last name, initials) 😉 I switch around the zipper pulls depending on my mood and it has become kind of an obsession…

#2 – Durable, Monogram Cotton Cosmetic Bag (available in two sizes)

Essentially the same bag as the dupioni silk cosmetic bags, these bags are made with cotton for everyday use.

Available in 5 colors, and your choice of zipper pull. Click here for more information.

*Another confession* I have the brown one in large for when I run my errands and don’t feel like carrying a purse.

#3 “The Cosmopolitan” Monogram Cosmetic Travel Bag

“The Cosmopolitan” cosmetic travel bag is completely chic and urban, and the elegant monogrammed button makes this a very special gift. For $10 you get to choose the monogram button to match your bridesmaid’s name. Click here for more information.

Matching accessories are available to go with this very functional bag:

The “Cosmopolitan” Monogram Jewelry Pouch (click here for more information)

The “Cosmopolitan” 5 piece Manicure Set (click here for more information)

Each have their own merit and would make wonderful gift on it’s own or as a matching set.

#4 – Designer Cosmetic Bag

Each bag comes with a funky cable “fob” that can be engraved giving each bag that personal touch. A friend of mine gave these to her bridesmaids with the engraved key fob and it was a hit. The girls used the cosmetic bags for the wedding. They also liked the option of having a “portable” monogram key fob for all their other belongings after the wedding. Click here for more information.

#5 The Best Value – Shimmer and Stripes Monogram Cosmetic Bags ($5 each, $4.50 with 10% discount)

Embroider these bags with your friends’ initials for a thoughtful, useful gift for any event. Click here for more information.

Canadian Brides ~ Shop Smart, Ditch The Fees

It’s true – Canadian brides pay more for their weddings than their US counterparts. For instance, most of the wedding favors and supplies available in the market ship from the US. To import into Canada involve not only additional shipping cost, but brokerage fee to the courier, duties assessed by the Canadian Government, and a bond fee in some cases. How these fees are calculated is not always straight forward.

Brokerage Fee

The fee paid to a broker for handling custom clearance at the border on your behalf. As most companies in the wedding business utilizes UPS, let’s take UPS as an example.

The structure for UPS’s brokerage (as of the date this article is written) is simple. The amount of brokerage fee is based on the value of the goods you import.

For import value up to $40, the brokerage fee is $7. For import value up to $100, the brokerage fee is $19.95, or 20%. The fee “drops” to about 15% for larger orders. Note that this number doesn’t include duty.


If you have gone through the document used by the Canadian government on assessing duties on products, you would know there are thousands of duty codes, and to find the correct code for an item could cause an extreme amount of frustration. The rate of duty ranges from 0% to 11%+. If you get away with it all together, you’re lucky.

Bond Fee

In the event your shipment has incurred duty, UPS posts a bond allowing their shipments to be released in advance of payment to the government. That fee, of course, will be paid by you at the time of delivery, on top of other fees. UPS charges 2.7 % (minimum $5.85) of the amount advanced by UPS.

How do these fees affect my bottom line?

Let’s say you ordered $150 worth of items located in the US. Shipping cross-border is generally more expensive but let’s take that out of the equation for the time being.

Scenario 1 – no duty assessed (best case scenario)

Brokerage ($29) + Duty (0) + Bond Fee (0) = $29, or 19.33% of your order.

Scenario 2 – a 10% duty assessed (almost the worst case scenario)

Brokerage ($29) + Duty ($15) + Bond Fee ($5.85) = $49.85, or close to 33.23% of your order.

Based on a $150 order, a Canadian bride will pay 19.33% more than her US counterpart.

Tips for Canadian Brides

Here is a little known secret – shipments imported into Canada with value less than $20 will generally incur no brokerage or duty, so if you order samples and they are less than $20 in total values, you will not have to worry about these additional charges.

If you plan to order more than $20 worth of favors or supplies, shop around. There are a number of websites that claim they take care of brokerage fee and duties by offering higher prices, up to a 100% mark up.

Canadian-friendly Websites

Our sponsors are all Canadian-friendly, and understand the frustration and the high prices Canadian brides are facing, which is why they aim to minimize any unnecessary charges or unwanted surprises for Canadians.

The Wedding Bella ~

Ship directly from the US or Canada depending on your location, there is no brokerage fee or duties with your order. The Wedding Bella offers a wide range of wedding favors and supplies.

The Favor Bella –

Designer wedding favors offered by The Favor Bella ship from the US. They have a lot of orders going into Canada and understands the frustrations associated with brokerage and duties. There is no mark up for Canadians. In fact, you have a choice of capping the brokerage fees and duties at $16.95. The Favor Bella pays the difference if fees associated with your order exceed this amount. This is a great deal if your order is $40 or more, since the brokerage fee alone would be at least $19.95! Shipping charges are calculated by weight base on UPS’s posted rate. They never charge any handling fees on orders.

To all Canadian bella: Shop smart, don’t get burnt by brokerage fees and duties.