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Bridal Beauty Calla Lily

Calla Lily has become very popular to use as the main flower in wedding bouquets and overall wedding decor. As much as I love them, however, I’ve heard from florists that they can be tough to work with. So I asked my husband’s cousin, the florist, who has worked with Calla Lily quite a bit, and her suggestion was surprising. “Use artificial Calla Lilies”, she said, “especially if a non-professional is putting together the bouquet.” The reason? “They are easily marked, and show signs of wear and tear easily.” She also suggested using real foliage along with the artificial Calla Lily. But beware – not all artificial Calla Lilies are up to the task, so choose yours wisely and carefully.

Here are other ways to incorporate Calla Lily into your wedding:

I’ll be posting more links on do-it-yourself Calla Lily bouquets.