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Fake the Cake – Little Tricks that Save Big

Wedding cakes are by no means cheap these days.  Even if you go with wedding cupcakes, the cost could add up quickly.  Here are some ideas to trim costs when it comes to wedding cake.  The best part?  No one will ever know the difference except you and your bottom line! 

Order a smaller version of the cake you love
Don’t sacrefies with a less interesting cake.  Go with the one you love, but order a smaller version.  Use this cake during the cutting ceremony, then have decorated sheet cakes in the same flavour and frosting and serve to guests.  

Fake the Bottom
If the thought of having a smaller cake doesn’t appeal to you, consider getting fake bottom tier(s) decorated in the same frosting and pattern as the rest of the cake, while serving guests with decorated sheet cakes. 

Double Duty – Serve your wedding cake as dessert
If you wish to go with a larger cake, consider getting a gourmet cake to double as dessert and go without any other pastries. 


For the bakers in the bunch, I will be sharing a recipe for wedding cake as soon as I can dig up my old cookbook.

Downloadable Wedding Planner and Budget Calculator Spreadsheet

Weddings are expensive, and keeping up with your expenses is no easy task. I designed a wedding budget spreadsheet for my cousin a couple of years ago and have been fine tuning it ever since. It’s not a full fletch wedding budget tracking program by any means, but many people find it a good tool for establishing a realistic budget. You could also use this calculator to track budget vs. actual. I will continue to refine this calculator as needed, so feedback will be greatly appreciated. It’s an MS Excel spreadsheet that you can download and save on your computer.

Go to Wedding Budget Calculator. Once you are on that page, click on “Downloadable the Bella Wedding Budget Planner” for the budget spreadsheet.

There is also a wedding planner under that same page, with planning timeline and tasks.
Click on “Download the Bella Wedding Planner