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Fun Recipes for Jelly Belly – Customize The Flavor Of Your Favor

I recently had some banana split flavored mini melt ice-cream where they basically mix and match a number of flavors to simulate the taste of a banana split. A similar thing can be done with Jelly Belly, an idea for another fun and edible wedding favor. Jelly Bellies are one of my favorite candies for wedding favors. They come in different flavors and colors it’s so versatile. So why not take things one stamp further, and mix up the flavors for a yummy treat for your guests?

Here are some ideas:

Mud Pie

+ +
(2) Chocolate Pudding (1) Cappuccino (1) Peanut Butter

Berry Smoothie

+ +
(1) Strawberry Daiquiri (1) Raspberry (1) Blueberry

Fruit Salad

+ + +
(1) Tangerine (1) Juicy Pear (1) Raspberry (1) Peach


+ +
(2) Cappuccino (1) A&W® Cream Soda (1) Chocolate Pudding

Banana Split

+ +
(1) Top Banana (1) Chocolate Pudding (1) Crushed Pineapple
+ +
(1) Strawberry Jam (1) Very Cherry (1) French Vanilla

Recipes provided by the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Click Here to see more flavors.