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DIY Wedding Idea ~ Calla Lily Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet

Most DIY wedding ideas aren’t rocket science, but they do require adequate planning and a little help from friends and family. After all, your focus should be on getting married. So gather ideas, identify people who are dependable and willing, then delegate, delegate, delegate! Certain tasks such as creating centerpiece and bouquet can be intimidating at first, yet totally doable after you understand the basics. In the next few weeks I will introduce more DIY wedding ideas that can be done ahead of time.

I saw a wonderful video by on how to put together a calla lily bouquet. They also carry artificial flowers and ready made silk bouquets at reasonable prices. As stated in a previous post, you may substitute with artificial calla lilies, allowing you to put together your bouquet. A word of caution with artificial flowers, the quality varies greatly with different vendors.

Once you feel comfortable with the basic steps, pick flowers that may suit your color and theme, be original, and have fun.