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Assembling a Wedding Cake How-to

Finding a decent cake can be a pain. The designs are either really blend or they get expensive. With a passion towards baking, I started wondering how hard it is to make a wedding cake. The baking part is a breeze, but I haven’t mastered the icing to make it look baby smooth (in fact it usually resembles swiss cheese). But if other people can do it, why not I?

So here it is. An awesome video showing step-by-step how to use the skills us casual bakers already knew to put together a wedding cake. If you are one of the brave ones who attempt to make your wedding cake after watching this video, post a picture or helpful tips – would love to be inspired.

Beautiful and Simple ~ Rose Bowl Wedding Centerpiece

Turn roses into a fabulous centerpiece. These amazing rose bowls are illustrated by Preston Bailey, an internationally celebrated event designer and wedding planner with clients that include Donald Trump, Middle East Royalty and Oprah Winfrey.

Once you master the basic skills, definitely experiment with different settings to personalize it. For instance, I would make at least 3 of these rose bowls with containers of different sizes to create dimension. Mix and match roses in different colors, or throw in more bowls with floating candles.

Trick of the trade: It’s easier to get the rose petals to line up if the flowers are in full bloom so the petals are flatter and easier to line up, but not so much so that they’re about to turn brown. Make sure you use enough petals in the bowl so that it will be packed enough to withstand transportation without falling apart.